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Samstag, August 30, 2008

Elisabeth in Hungarian dress

Here's a colour version of the Elisabeth drawing I posted recently:

I used two photos for this drawing but it's more like my free version of Elisabeth based on the photos, not a copy :-)

Elisabeth as queen of Hungary, 1866, several months before the coronation

Elisabeth and a dog

A bit of Vienna Flavour

I thought I'd better organize my Vienna experiences not chronologicaly but by topics. So, here the first one comes, the food:
Die Wienerin: a very nice little restaurant in the very centre, with various Vienna specialities. Here in the photo there are Palatschinken (Austrian pancakes) with a nut filling, whipped cream and chocolate :) And I also tasted Almdudler, Austrian limonade made using grasses from the Alps. It's a pity they are closing this place soon. Isabella and I had a very lovely meal in there.

Kurkonditorei Oberlaa. It was a hot day so I decided I'd have an ice-cream. With wild berries. Hat geschmeckt!

This was one of my favourite places in Vienna this time. It is Gloriette Pavillion in the Schoenbrunn gardens. It stands on a hill so there's a wonderful view from there onto the palace and the city. There's a cafe inside (I wrote my postcards cards in there waiting for my coffee!).

Here's coffee that they serve in Gloriette in close-up (not the Maria-Theresia one I had when writing postcards on Wednesday but Kaffee Advocat which I had on my last day in Vienna)

Interior in the Gloriette cafe, Sunday, August, 24. Spacious, isn't it?

I also bought a cookbook in Austria, "Oesterreichische Mehlspesen", so I'll soon try backing something Austrian!

Mittwoch, August 13, 2008

Drawings brought from the river criuse

No claims for artistic value, it just was so nice having a notebook and a pencil/pen after a long pause and after typing and looking at the screen a lot!
A general view of a town on a river. Purely from imagination based on old impressions (I did it at the very beginning of the cruise before we stopped anywhere)
Two friends. People usually smile looking at these two
A chicken who run away from his mum into the nearby forest and decided to entertain himself by reciting poems (I have a story about him)
This has no artistic value, but I tried to fix general view from the ship'd deck. Love this kind of travelling
Elisabeth, as Queen of Hungary here (I used two photos from the book, the official photo in coronation dress and also the photo with a dog I like very much. but it's more not a copy, more of an Elisabeth-themed drawing)
Elisabeth (again, I used a portrait as a pattern (by Franz Schrotberg, with a blue ribbon, but in my drawing she looks older than her 25 in the portrait)
This took two minutes at most :-)
A made-up still-life
I was really really touched by a sad cat lying on the gangboard when we were stopping in rainy Uglich. Never I will be able to forget her. Strangely enough, it seemed as if the cat was waiting for someone, like a dog waits for a person it loves (like dog Monday waited for Jem "In Rilla of Ingleside". Maybe, once it will turn into a story of a cat's love and loalty...)
The words run: "HELP HOMELESS CATS"


It's from older drawings, about 2 years old, made based on a photo from "Vogel im unseren Garlen" - "Birds in our Garden" books.