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Sonntag, Oktober 26, 2008

Purr...fect :-)

Please don't laugh at me (too much), I had to buy this sweater or whatever it is. I am also wearing this:

so... I am purr..fect ;-)

As bonuses to everyone missing my photos: yesterday's evening sky behind the birches and our neighbour's kitten sleeping on a chair.

*Off to translate*,
yours &c.

Freitag, Oktober 24, 2008

Cute shop window moment

A shop for interior decorations near the Uni. And it's not the first time I see a cat sleeping in thier shop windows. I must have awakened it though :-)
P.S. I haven't updated for quite a while for I am much into translating and teaching these days plus of course Sisi-related things and Maya Hakvoort to relax a little. I wish I could upload some photos but it takes too long, mayabe, later!
P.P.S. There's a cute typo in the previous sentence, I think I won't change it ;-)

Freitag, Oktober 03, 2008

Young Sisi

This time inspired by a couple of lines from the text of the musical.

Mittwoch, Oktober 01, 2008

Staying on topic ;-)

I finished typing it! Only several hours of editing and I am done!
(I can't remember where I saved this photo from, but it fits the topic and the October mood)
P.S. Today is my name day, and yesterday was day of translator/interpreter but I'll post about it later.