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Freitag, Dezember 25, 2009


Elisabeth Amalia Evgenia, Princess of Bavaria, later Empess of Austria and Queen of Hungary was born in Munich 172 years ago. She was an extraordinary woman who was ahead of her time and died as extraordinarily as she lived.
On Christmas Eve 1837 she was only a little princes, a chrismas angel for her family and, given the circumstances of her birth, a child who was expected to have a happy life.

Here are some drawings based on her photos and portraits that I have not come around to posting here yet:

Hidden in the title is my video dedicated to Elisabeth (the waltz is known to anzone here, it is taken from a well-known film (an adaptation of Chechov's short story) which I ironically have not seen, but the waltz is very well known even to me ;-)) I think it passes well to Elisabeth's story too).

Mittwoch, Dezember 23, 2009

Jane treasures!!!

Three days after Jane's Birthday my Christmas presents for myself arrived safely, from Bath, delivered practically to my bed on a lovely Saturday morning. Now I have the most elegant silver charms in town and the most elegant Emma edition! All complete with a booklet.

And... I even have a stylish plastic bag ;-)

(Link to the JA centre in Bath hidden in the post title).

Käthe Wohlfahrt

There must be something lovely and uplifting posted here.

To swoon over Christmas decorations, and not only, follow the link.

To swoon over cute Christmass teddies, click here.

Two birds from a Käthe Wohlfahrt store in Rüdesheim am Rhein have been living with me four zears and a half already. No need to say the store was a Christmas dream come true!

Montag, Dezember 14, 2009

Sonntag, Dezember 13, 2009


Pity I can't give out any Christmas-themed ones here (yet). Those for whom they are might see them too early. So just a little one. Drawing is so relaxing and reassuring!


Have not posted much of late for recently many things were just too depressive. I am very well, and was well, but I did not feel well for some reasons. We have had the darkest and most Dickensian and depressive November that I can remember. There was no sun for three weeks and autumn grey mists making it still darker in these short days! A groupmate of mine was killed in a car crash about four weeks ago, does one have to die so young? And when I think of her family... It still makes me unbearably sad. And then, all the news about accidents. And the new flu virus. The Uni was closed for about a week to prevent the virs spreading. But I guess there was more panic and politics to it than real danger. Since the black colour here recently.

Now it's at last frosty, and there lays a thin layer of snow sparkling either in the sun (we do have some sunlight from time to time now, even if the days are short!) or in the light of street lanterns.

It's last week of classes before winter exams at the Uni, tomorrow I am having 3 hours of doing nothing but seing to it, they do not talk when taking the translation test. Then... there will be doing something.. Checking 11+ 16х2 papers by Friday. And then... the evening class writing their papers next week. Love most of the evening class, they are so cute!

The holiday season is not far off, and I am having immence pleasure in drawing Christmas motifs for handmade cards, or to be put into bought cards, if I fail (again) to make the cards myself this year!

There was also a little photographing binge yesterday, after many days, but I am not it the mood of putting anything up here now. They were not that great, most of them, either. Ny camera begins to disappoint my expectations.

Off to print out test papers!

One more thing: I have up the Glass Castle novel around the middle, I just could not be doing anything after the sad news. But I'll finish it!

Yet something more: I did order the fan charm! And the Jane one! And a red edition of Winchester "Emma". It's a Christmas present for myself to myself, and an attempt to cheer up! Just imagine wearing the treasures around the festive season :-)