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Sonntag, Mai 20, 2007

A cat collection

I decided to make a small collection of cat drawings here, either life sketches, or sketches from photos or truly imaginary cats.

I was quite known at the Uni for drawing this type of cats on the blackboard.

We met this cat when on holidays at the black sea a couple of years ago, sketch from photo.

Two sketches of my auntie's cat Margot (what a name!)

My granny's cat sleeping on window sill (yesterday's sketch)
And just a cat from my imagination.


A little Blue Castle illustration

I put here a lot of photos recently, now it's surely time for a drawing: the neclace and note Valancy left on Barney's table before leaving him.

Donnerstag, Mai 17, 2007

Spring in the city

I went to the city centre at lunchtime today because I really wanted to take pictures of the tulips!

Here they are (and something more):

The fountain has been there since the middle of the 19th c.

An artist family? Apparently they were drawing this:

Now to Bolshaya Pokrovskaya, the walking street:

Drama school building, the iron figurines used for decoration are something I did not pay much attention before, I think they are lovely.

Here come tulips around the drama theatre:

The building opposite the drama theatre (looks like a creamy cake!):

And finally the drama theatre itself (not a very good photo, but it's the only I took yesterday):

A bit of history

After mentioning Gorky and Shalyapin coming to Mossy Hills, I went on thinking about local history. Here are some shots I made in the museum at my school this winter. We had a very enthusiastic teacher who practically brought us up there telling various stories of the town’s past! Later on in senior grades my friend and I used to come here to finish our compositions on Russian classics (there wasn't a better place!)

Моховые горы (Mossy Hills)

Mum and dad took me there a couple of weeks ago for half an hour (it’s only a 15 minutes drive from our place). Even if I were ill, I was still supposed to get some fresh air! It’s a beautiful place, and quite a famous one. It used to be a summer resort a hundred years ago, and the house where the famous writer Gorky and the famous opera singer Shalyapin used to stay is still there, even if it looks… well… old.
The name of the place is Mossy Hills which is lovely I think. This area is also good for skiing in winter.
Tall pines and sandy dunes and the Volga – what could be really better to relax a little? Sunsets are beautiful there but I don’t have pictures (yet?)

This seems to be quite a collection, I just found it so difficult selecting!