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Donnerstag, November 19, 2009

Donnerstag, November 12, 2009

Additions to wishlist...

Beautiful things here. I guess I may add at least a Jane and a fan charm to my wishlist, into the category of unpractical, but beautiful things!

Samstag, November 07, 2009

Glass castle in progress

Keeping up so far. But it's a real marathon. I hope I manage this year.

Donnerstag, November 05, 2009


I haven't posted quite a while but I've been thinking for some time I should make a quick update.

I'm well, having enough work at the Uni and not enough if any translation work, I'm reading the FT and The Economist and other papers to keep up with the news, I'm visiting granny once a week to help her and cheer her up, for she hasn't been well recently, I'm reading quite a lot in German, both fiction and Sisi-and Vienna-related Sachbücher, and, inspired with the Emily books (by the dear Lucy Maud Montgomery) and my Viennese diary I am trying to do something with my writing: 1) I've been working on a piece of Prague and Vienna-based fluff I'm writing together with my friend Lena (we based the characters on ourselves, made them cousins and sent them to Prague and Vienna for romantic adventures), 2) I'm yet hoping I won't give up my Glass Castle story, I've typed a little more of it for the NaNoWriMo project...3) I've taken out my old notebooks and plan to edit and type the stories I'd written some years back. Then I'll be thinking what to do with them further.

I've been walking with the camera around quite a lot this autumn, you can see tons of photos I uploaded recently here, at the favourire discussion board, just click on the link.

I'm posting an autumn picture with this entry (Yuri Vasnetsov is one of my favourite artists, he illustrated a lot of children's books of fairytales and rhymes), but actually the beauty of golden autumn faded some time ago. It's November now and for a week or so it looks winter. I am often asking myself: where has the summer gone?