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Donnerstag, Juli 31, 2008

Теплая тишина (Warm Stillness)

"Дзинь" - прозвенела росинка.
Сонная синяя тишь.
Не залопочет осинка ,
И не зашепчет камыш.
И малыш, засыпая,
Видит волшебные сны.
Будто июль, уплывая,
Сделал ладью из луны.
Легкая лунная стружка
Тихо прилипла к сосне.
Теплая наша речушка
Чмокает сладко во сне.

Warm Stillness
"Jingle", - a dewdrop jingled.
Sleepy blue stillness.
No aspen will mutter a word,
No reed will wisper a word.
And the baby, falling asleep,
Is seeing wonderful dreams,
As if July, sailing away,
Turned the moon into his boat.
The light curve of the moon
Slightly stuck to the pine.
Our warm brook
Is squelching sweetly in her sleep.
It's a beautiful poem from my all-time favourite collection of children's poems (the name of that book was "The tomtit is having her birthday". Make me think back of childhood and also makes me feel a little sad (like in Anne, beautiful things always hurt a little), for only a little piece of summer is left before Autumn and August is never a very a hot month and begins to smell autumn and school. And also, Birthday away (and Birthdays are somewhat bittersweet themselves), nothing much to look forward to. And school on the 1st of September was never something I was looking forward too, indeed! (It was like going back to prison, even though I had good friends and teachers and was good at almost everything. It's just organized time I could never get into).
The painting belongs to some English pre-Raphaelite painters, but now I cannot remember to whom exactly.


Thanks to:

Mintie (and the 24 cats in the card!) for the beautiful card, Bangkok cards and an absolutely wonderful Elisabeth of Austria photoshopped card. And for sending everything beforehand (it was quite a problem, the lady from the next block got your package again so I got it only several days ago!)

Angel for the beautiful Greek-themed card and the amazing video. I did recognize many works but there were still many I did not know!

Paula for the card (either my internet connection is too low or I don’t have some FlashPlayer so I did not see the picture, but I could read you kind words all the same!)

Katie, Katya, Alena, Anya and Anatoliy for kind words on vkonakte.ru. Tanya A. for her wishes on odnoklassniki.ru.

Olga Vladimirovna for the phone call and kind words. Also thanks for calls to Maria Ivanovna, Katya and cousin Misha.

Vadim Vitalyevich who did not know it was my birthday but surprized me with – “a text to translate into good hands” (quoting him). Lol!

Kindred spirit Lena for kind words, the poem and the presents I will get some time in August when I’m back from river cruise with mum and dad.

Isabella for kind words here on the blog and Michelle for the message on facebook. Also thank you Isa for Lord Nelson caramel tea, I finally tasted it yesterday morning. Hat geschmeckt :-)

Godmother and granny for their love and cards and presents and for coming and tasting Eiswein and lunch with me.

Mum for helping me with the cake and other food. And for pink gladioli.
(Auntie) Tanya for the best present – a silver necklace!

Vera Pavlovna and Sasha for flowers and presents (the box from the cups will do perfectly to keep letters!) and for the fun with the stuffed dog. And for being patient with me crying (I cannot sing) some songs from “Elisabeth” in the car ;-)

My sister Sveta (in advance) for bringing me something lovely from Creta on the 10th and leaving mum only for myself for whole ten days! And for helping me lighting the candles on the cake ;-)

Gladioli - my Birthday flowers

Sandwiches. I also made some meat and cucumber ones, but they did not look so presentable as to make pictures (Tasty all the same though)

Eiswein - finally there was some event to open it

A bit of cake for everyone, If you need the recipe just let me know. Never again a package of 24 candles will be enough for my cakes…

Birthday girl with mum’s flowers

Happy and wearing Tanya’s necklace if you can discern it!

Birthday girl and red roses in the café courtyard (they cannot cook there but it does not matter!)

Samstag, Juli 19, 2008

More summer paintings

Verandah in twilight


A lady with an umbrella

The firs two were painted by Isaac Levitan, one of the most famous (and one of my favourite) landscape painters. Lucky me, I've been to his museum 3 or 4 times before, but it's already 7 years since my last visit. His museum is in Pless, a little town on the Volga, and we always visited it when on river cruises with the family. And, more lucky me, at the beginning of August we are going on a river cruise again in so many years and we'll be visiting Pless again!!

Well, the first painting is a little romantic, and the second one is Russian summer itself.

The third painting was painted by Ivan Kramskoy (the lady is his niece Ludmila). I love it very much for the lady's elegance and the summer feel and I'm proud it's in our local art museum in Nizhny Novgorod (so I've seen the original, not only a postcard copy!).

Maybe I'll find something else on Russian summer in painting, or summer in Russian painting, any way you like to put it. But I'm not promising :-)

Als ich fortging

Als ich fortging war die Strasse steil - kehr wieder um
Nimm an ihremem Kummer teil, mach sie heil.
Als ich fortging war der Asphalt heiss - kehr wieder um
Red Ihr aus um jeden Preis, was sie weiss

Nichts ist unendlich, so sieh das doch ein
Ich weiss, du willst unendlich sein - schwach und klein
Feuer brennt nieder, wenn's keiner mehr nährt
Kann ja selber, was dir heut widerfährt.

Als ich fortging warn die Arme leer - kehr wieder um
mach's ihr leichter einmal mehr, nicht so schwer.
Als ich fortging kam ein Wind so schwach - warf mich nicht um,
unter ihrem Tränendach war ich schwach

Nichts ist unendlich, so sieh das doch ein,
Ich weiß, du willst unendlich sein, schwach und klein.
Nichts ist von Dauer, wenn's keiner recht will,
Auch die Trauer wird dasein, schwach und klein

Discovered this beautiful and melancholy song today, sung by Rosenstolz, but seems they were not the first to sing it.

Picture: photo of the road some three weeks ago when I was returning from granny's (colour, brightness and contrasr adjusted).

A video from youtube with the song hidden in the link.

Donnerstag, Juli 17, 2008

Ein Bild zum Traeumen

I looked through my painting card collection today and found an absolutely beautiful summer painting among them! It's just permeated with sunlight and justsmells July. And indeed, the name of the painting is "In July"! The painter is Yevgeny Stolitsa (not famous, I don't know any other single work of him), and it was 1897 when he painted it! The painting is now in Samara art museum and indeed, the nature and the sun here feel a little southerner than here in Nizhny!
A wonderful painting to look at it and relax. Enjoy!

Montag, Juli 07, 2008

Fuer Isabella zum Geburtstag

Liebe Isa!

Ich wuensche Dir alles, alles Gute zum Geburtstag, alles, wovon Du traeumst und viel mehr! Zum Beispiel zum Jane Austen Festival in Bath fahren ;-) You are such a lovely person that you truly deserve it :-)

Deine Irina
P.S. Das Original schicke ich mit dem naechsten Brief!