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Donnerstag, Juli 26, 2007

Emily Dickinson sketch

When I could not sleep last night I thought about this poem by Emily Dickinson. I made the sketch last year in my notebook when I finally handed in my graduation paper and could breathe some fresh air (maybe, it was on the ferry right after handing tha paper in...). Emily Dickinson is one of my favourite poets and that time I even thoght of making illustrations to several of her poetic pieces. I have a couple more sketches of this kind in the same notebook but it did not go any further.
Portrait of Felicity King most likely to follow tomorrow, I only have to colour it (maybe, even in the morning!). Sorry for delay with Vienna photos!

Sara Stanley

I finished Sara Stanley sketch yesterday, the Story Girl was not supposed to be very pretty after all. Paddy is not 100% the Paddy I wanted to draw... 3 more sketches, with Sara Ray, Cecily and Felicity to follow, I am not sure when though.

Montag, Juli 23, 2007

A dog instead of Vienna photos so far!

Lieber Leserin, lieber Leser! – My dear readers!

I have not yet completely forgotten you are expecting a detailed account of my Vienna vacation and I promise I’ll be giving the info little by little from my office laptop, because I saved the pics there and the internet speed is much higher there, which will make uploading photos much faster. For the time being please have a look at the dog in the neighbours’ of my granny window who I sketched yesterday. I also sketched the girls from “A Story Girl” by Lucy Maud Montgomery yesterday, and I hope to turn them into coloured pictures these days. Well, we’ll see…

Liebe Gruesse – Best wishes,
Yours&c. …

Sorry for the bits of German to those who do not speak the language - this is stronger than me! - and I translated these pieces into English diligently!