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Montag, Dezember 15, 2008


Maya Hakvoort and Kerstin Ibald, Vienna Musical Concert 2003 (fragment of a larger photo with some other performers).

Holiday cards

The three new ones, and I think I am not buying any more this year!

New looks

Yesterday I was cleaning the bedroom, including the chest of drawers which I like to think of as my dressing table (or it s rather a drssing chest of drawers) and a kind of Pippi-Longstocking chest of drawers where I keep things like Chinese fans, chopsticks and other souveniers, cologne water, parasols, shawls, perfume bottles etc etc etc, mostly treasres brought from trips and travels. (Pippi used to keep in her drawers all the wonderful treasures she brought from overseas in the times she used to sail around the world with her father). In the end Arabella Georgina had a new look, for I tied her hat up with a ribbon and rearranged her hair a little. Now she looks the sweetest girl in my little collection. And I rearranged the objects on the top a little, putting away some boxes and bottles and adding a painting and candles. We've had the painting for ages (again, brought from a trip!) but never ended hanging it on the wall and I thought it was a pity to keep it hidden and made it a background for my ladies. The photo on the wall is of Maria, Queen of Romania, somehow I find it fitting, for I can relate to her love of roses and I loved the summer residence of hers I visited in Bulgaria last year. Again, the pink roses stickers fit here.
I was pleased with the result, but when I went to bed and looked at it again, it seemed too empty and cold without the usual hundreds of necklaces and bottles and little boxes scattered over it. But I guess it won't be a problem to create a cosy havoc there just in a couple of days ;-) And the change is most likely temporary, I'm going to add more pictures on the wall, so probably some rearrangements are to follow.
Photos are made with the mobile phone camera, I can't remember when I last saw our camera, it's impossible to find it in the havoc of my sister's room which is 10 times messier than mine in its "great havoc days" (I think), so I don't even attempt looking for it.

Sonntag, Dezember 14, 2008

Elisabeth card

Made something to create a bit of pre-holiday mood (again, doesn't look exactly as I imagined!). I'll be updating more soon for I scanned some Christmas/New Year cards and I have also renovated the look of my dressing table a little so a couple of fotos to follow.

Sonntag, Dezember 07, 2008

I finally found a little time to get out my big box of paper and make something. In view of the current crisis such things may be a good alternative to bought postcards. I'd be making them crisis or no crisis though!