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Dienstag, März 09, 2010


One has already noticed I completey gave this page up of late.
Partly due to technical problems (low-speed internet and besides the blog is attached to my old email account which does not even exist any more, so I cannot follow any comments and have to log-in/log-out all the time). Besides, I've been doing other things recently and tried to be online not too much!

Now I have normal internet (knocking on the wood ;-)), and I am opening a new page, so technical problems solved. I'll be (probably) filling it with new photos and drawings and rants on Vienna, Sisi and Maya Hakvoort, but I'm not sure how it goes, for I prefer to spend more time offline now :-) More exciting things to do!

The Glass Castle stays as it is to be enjoyed and I thank all the readers for attention.