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Dienstag, März 09, 2010


One has already noticed I completey gave this page up of late.
Partly due to technical problems (low-speed internet and besides the blog is attached to my old email account which does not even exist any more, so I cannot follow any comments and have to log-in/log-out all the time). Besides, I've been doing other things recently and tried to be online not too much!

Now I have normal internet (knocking on the wood ;-)), and I am opening a new page, so technical problems solved. I'll be (probably) filling it with new photos and drawings and rants on Vienna, Sisi and Maya Hakvoort, but I'm not sure how it goes, for I prefer to spend more time offline now :-) More exciting things to do!

The Glass Castle stays as it is to be enjoyed and I thank all the readers for attention.

Freitag, Dezember 25, 2009


Elisabeth Amalia Evgenia, Princess of Bavaria, later Empess of Austria and Queen of Hungary was born in Munich 172 years ago. She was an extraordinary woman who was ahead of her time and died as extraordinarily as she lived.
On Christmas Eve 1837 she was only a little princes, a chrismas angel for her family and, given the circumstances of her birth, a child who was expected to have a happy life.

Here are some drawings based on her photos and portraits that I have not come around to posting here yet:

Hidden in the title is my video dedicated to Elisabeth (the waltz is known to anzone here, it is taken from a well-known film (an adaptation of Chechov's short story) which I ironically have not seen, but the waltz is very well known even to me ;-)) I think it passes well to Elisabeth's story too).

Mittwoch, Dezember 23, 2009

Jane treasures!!!

Three days after Jane's Birthday my Christmas presents for myself arrived safely, from Bath, delivered practically to my bed on a lovely Saturday morning. Now I have the most elegant silver charms in town and the most elegant Emma edition! All complete with a booklet.

And... I even have a stylish plastic bag ;-)

(Link to the JA centre in Bath hidden in the post title).