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Mittwoch, September 09, 2009

Poscards from vacation - 1. Vienna

I haven’t posted for ages and I’m not sure if I write much again, but some “postcards” from my vacation are here:

Stefansdom, the very heart of Vienna

The opera

Schoenbrunn, palace and park on a Sunday noon, above this picture: Karlskirche, the only rainy day in those three weeks.

Towards twilight, on the Ring

So, wie man plant und denkt-

So kommt es nie –

Unfortunately due to a serious accident I only could come to Vienna 8 days later, so I missed the last performance of Rudolf, the musical in Raimundtheater, did not get the certificate of the course for I missed a week, and had to alter my travelling plans, crossing out Hungary, Graz and some other places I wanted to visit. However, Vienna is still Vienna, what can I say more of it? I enjoyed every single minute of my staying there except when it was too loud in the street at night and when I failed to meet Isabella because I did not know the Zoo had two entrances. I have also been to Bad Ischl and Baden and took a tour along the Danube and visited a lot of Sisi-related places in Vienna and the surroundings, like Hermesvilla in Lainzer Zoo and Laxenburg and Elisabeth-Ruhe on Kahlenberg.

I enjoyed the course – even if I did not get my certificate… It’s ironic, but my test was the best even if I missed more than the others, but there are formalities everywhere. The professor was really wonderful, a born philologist with a fine sense of humour.

I met an old friend and made wonderful new ones, and I climbed Kahlenberg and ate Austrian on the day I turned a quarter of a century :-)

Kahlenberg: Spanish groupmate Depy, Dr. Hummel and his little girl

Ein Lokal am Campus: Thomas + Isabella, Herbert and the birthday girl.

P.S. The internet connection is more or less okay now, if not fast at least it is not unbearably slow, but Blogger seems very, very weird!"

"Postcards from Croatia" (hopefully) to follow