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Montag, Mai 25, 2009

"Зайчонок и муха"

This is a brilliant piece of animation. I watched it as a child, and feeling nostalgic, bought a DVD with a collection of old cartoons (mainly because of this one), and watched "Зайчонок и муха" ("Little hare and a fly") 10 times at least since last Monday!

The story is simple: the little hare did not want to eat anything his mum gave him and threw the food out of the window. The fly who lived there, ate everything and grew very fast and troubled by the noise, "kidnapped" the naughty little one. She brought him food on condition his mum would give her food as tasty as she used to give her little son. All is well that ends well of course, and the naughty little one was taught a good lesson.

Click on the picture or the post title to see the cartoon :)
I think it a masterpiece. An instructive story told in an engaging way, with a lot of cute details and wonderful dubbing. It's from 1977 by the way.

Freitag, Mai 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Paula!

Dear Paula!
I am wishing you many precious moments which you can now film with you new beautiful camera! And may your other dreams come true!

Tulips in the heart of the city.

Mein liebes Fräulein Mozart…

Just discovered my copy lost deep under the papers… And it’s only half-finished.

I find the idea of a novel about Nannerl Mozart, a forgotten genius, fascinating. A historical novel set in Salzburg of the 18th c. sounds very promising. Part of the novel being in letters adds to it. I share my birthday with Nannerl and I visited Salzburg in summer 2007. I have read half of the book, finding it atmospheric and the main character appealing and could at some moments identify with her. So, why did I stop reading?
It was so sad I could not bear it and turned to other books. But of course I’ll return to it when I am in the mood. And I would like to learn more about the real Nannerl , for the personality seems extremely interesting. It was just so heartbreaking she did not have any possibilities to develop her talent and be happy with the one she loved. Even, of course, if this novel is only a version. Interesting that there are at least two novels by other authors dealing with Nannerl’s story:

I’m reading a German translation of La Sorella di Mozart by Rita Charbonnier. It’s curious all the three ladies did not think of a more interesting title to their novels. I love the way the title of Rita Charbonnier’s novel was translated into German.
Some links:

Sonntag, Mai 10, 2009


I am hardly musical, but this piece of music has been one of my favourites for ages, alongside Chopin's nocturnes and waltzes:
Fritz Kreisler playing his own piece of music. Coincidently, as I discovered recently, he wrote music for an operetta very loosely based on the life of the real Sisi, Elisabeth of Austria.

Samstag, Mai 09, 2009

To make up for the past months when I hardly posted any photos: a lot of spring in suburb streets of a little town, and, of course, I could not do without cats!

I spent two hours uploading this, in earnest…

Freitag, Mai 08, 2009

Cafe Gloriette

Built in 1775 under the reign of Empress Maria Theresia in the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace, it was ment to be a ‘temple of glory’ and probably also as view point. In 1780, it was equipped with glass windows for the first time and became a location for dinner and festivities. Emperor Franz Josef I. used it as breakfast room. What a start into the day!

One of the most beautiful cafes in Vienna, more information and photos in the link hidden in the title.