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Montag, Oktober 29, 2007

Well, garnets...

Actually I am supposed to be preparing for tomorrow's class with group 503EI - well, I am preparing right now - reading up on taxes as we are having a text on tax system and foreign investment now - but I'll also say a couple of words here.

The picture of earrings is garnet earrings from Pirateship Silver shop, China - they have loads of beautiful silverwork there! (Look up pirateship.com.cn!). I actually bought a pair of such last week in Beijing so I'm thinking I'll probably be wearing them tomorrow for the first time. Garnets have something special about them, some richness of colour, and I always love various red tints and hues in autumn and winter!

I should put here loads of early October photos taken here, and then a collection from my business trip to China. Oh, it's hard to be getting used back to home time! Especially now that they turned the clock one hour back to winter time yesterday!

Donnerstag, Oktober 11, 2007


Just to show off: I put on glasses today. No vision problems, just a prophylactic measure: I work too much at the computer so I needed glasses with special coating to protect my eyes. And, in fact, I've wanted to be wearing glasses for years. I absolutely love them! I'm so happy about them that I'll probably go to bed wearing them! :-) And they will do very well with my wardrobe, especially that now it's autumn and winter is to follow - which means I'll be wearing more red!

Montag, Oktober 01, 2007


Here is a collection of pictures I took this September. To start with pictures I took early this month: the famous Alexander Nevsky Cathedral where the Volga and the Oka meet, the surroundings of our old port at sunset and the local church in the mild evening light:


A bit of country charm from last weekend:


The favourite view and bracken bushes (wild roses turned to berries!) with the Volga on the background, from the side of Nizhny:


Finally I come to yesterday's picture-taking binge: