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Montag, April 20, 2009

Updates on wishlist

Crossed out:

- Kati in America by Astrid Lindgren (great book, but the following two are even better)
- Mulberry perfume from Ives Roches


30) Miss Austen Regrets DVD (saw the trailer today)
31) The new Jane Eyre with Toby Stephens on DVD with all the extras
32) Northanger Abbey, DVD of the new version
33) Books about Steffi and Nellie, jewish girls sent from Vienna to Sweden just before WWII, by Annika Thor
34) A German soap takes the form of Anna und die Liebe
35) Anna on DVD, it’s a German series from the late 80s about a girl from a ballet school who was badly hurt in an accident and it took all her strength and courage to turn back to normal life and dancing. Brings back childhood memories. I mean the series, not Anna's experience!
36) A waffle-maker

New haircut by the way

and the already mentioned new pink jacket ;-)

Easter in April, Easter with snow...

My self-made Easter tree with Easter eggs brought from Salzburg:

Decorations from Stift Heiligenkreuz near Vienna (hung on crystal candleholders):

Granny’s cat:


Mittwoch, April 01, 2009

Best of Musical, September 2003

1. Maya looks and sounds wonderful, she just stands out, even if the recording is low-quality
2. I'd like to have a haircut like her, with probably a little longer hair
3. I never heard her singing "Mein Leben" before :-( Craving for a full version
4. Click on the photo to see the video, start from 2:35.
5. P.S. I am so happy she received my present and letter :-)